HR Management

Human resources personals play a vital role in an organization by managing and administering every area of human resources by satisfying the needs of the company and its employees that includes recruitment, employee & labour relations, managing payrolls, Insurance, governmental & commercial relations and much more. Yafa Global makes its priority to hire the finest in the field to tackle the widest range of complex matters.
Yafa Global always utilizes an all-in-one automated HR management system for your resources. Recently, our software provider had developed an end-user app for employees to submit some essential requests related to their employment where such requests directly assigned to the concerned personnel at Yafa Global and get processed in a very short time and hassle-free.

On-site HR support

If you needed a professional point of view on a personnel situation, on-site support from Yafa Global, Our expert guidance will help your business to meet both its operational and its legal requirements. Up-to-date with the latest legislation and best practice, our consultants will provide you with a clear, dynamic service based on your precise circumstances. We won’t take a one-size-fits-all approach with your business.